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Girlriders 2

Girlrider signs on the big combination (old Lion) Drome when it was Sam’s on Conklin Shows

Iris Stewart

Not only was Iris Stewart a gocart & motocycle rider in the Motor Drome, she also worked in lion Dromes - driving a converted car with a lion riding along  with her!
These articles (dated 9/17/38 & 4/2/38)  were sent to me by  Jim Lawrence (International Productions, Tampa (Again, Thanks Jim!)

Sparky Thibeault

This is Lucky & Sparky Thibeault.
Lucky was already a Drome rider when he  met Sparky... and she was a young girl! She went to work with him soon a fellow rider and life partner!
Sparky is a Very Special lady, and a Great friend. We don't see her much, but she comes to see us whenever we ride in her area (Brockton, Mass.) She also is a dog lover (as I am), and raises dalmations! (Lucky passed not long ago - the drome world misses him and his stories very much...) Our Best always to Sparky...  -Sam


This was Drome that Frankie Pelaquin (Sonny’s youngest brother) had out on Century 21 shows. Sonny said Frankie rode with Kay & her husband when they  were getting started..

Sonja Straadamans (Pitt’s Todeswand, Germany)

Sonja's family owns the German Motor Drome (Todeswand) that Sam got to ride in Munich (Oktoberfest) in 1992. Sonja grew up at the Drome, riding with the Varanne brothers from France, who rode & operated the Drome at Oktoberfest.
She is a bike rider (that's her above  left), but her main act is performing with Gerard Varanne - riding on the side hack set-up (right!). Sonja is a wonderful gal, and made Sam feel very welcome  when she was riding with them. That's Sonja and Sam doing the "race" on the  German Wall in the picture- above right (1992). She even took Sam shopping in Munich to get a pair of riding boots!
Ride On, Sonja!

Laila  Dabbert  (Motorellos,  Germany)

Left- Here is Laila when she & Sam met in Germany - doing her thing with her now husband, Hugo! It was amazing1 He’d bang the tires off the cable and the track and really rock n roll the building! Above right- The crew with Sam. The guy on the left  is the trickrider(don’t have his name), then Hugo, Sam & Laila. She is like 6 ft. tall, and has the most beautiful blue eyes! We heard from her a while back, and she is a happy family lady now...!  

Sandra D. (California Hellriders, USA)  

Sandra worked for several years on the road paying her dues, and now runs the Caifornia Hellriders show, along with her husband & riding partner Doni Daniels. She now does the Dips & Dives, and the “California Pursuit Race” with Ian (brother in law). Sandra is a beautiful girl -both inside & out, and a total pleasure to work with!  No big egos here! Sam worked and rode with them from’95 -‘98, and it was the best time of her life! Also animal lovers, the Daniels are the proud parents of Roxy & Dillon, both of whom they rescued. Sandra & Doni  make a great pair. They have survived the seasons living & working together,  and are a formidable team! Doni is the show manager and trickrider, as well as being Sandra’s proud teacher! Watch for 'em! They are up and coming atcha!     Just heard the News! 2007 -Sandra & Doni are expecting their first child!

Sam  Morgan

(Conklin’s Motor Drome- managed by Sonny Pelaquin -1981)

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